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CHoose your adventure

At Escape Game Alaska, as long as gamers start on time and things run on schedule - everyone escapes (it makes it more fun when everyone finishes the game). We make many accommodations to make sure everyone is safe, active in the game, and has fun no matter what age or skill level.

Each game is a different type of adventure that intertwines interactivity, team building, and the necessity for quick wit under fire. Test your skills, ask for clues, seek out glory.

four games TO CHOOSE FROM:
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150 2nd Street
Juneau, AK. 99801
(907) 500 - 5071
(call or text)

Be a Special Agent

Dr. Ohno has plans to take over the world.

Your team of special agents must follow

the clues to save the day!

Theme: This is a fully lit office (photo above).

Up to 10 players


Uncover the identity of a Spy

The cigar room of a secret spy with ties to the KGB and CIA has been uncovered. You'll need to get in and get out but not before you uncover their true identity and who they are working for.

Up to 5 players

ESPIONAGE 2: Under Fire
IMAGE- Esp 2.jpg

Can you crack the safe?

Dr. Ohno has stolen billions of US dollars and stored it in an offshore bank account. Access to the account information may be hidden somewhere in his office.

We need you to get the money back.


Theme: This is a fully lit office (see Espionage photo).

Up to 10 players - Must CALL to book


Get the gold, Bandits!

Rowdy Deakins was a successful Gold Miner

with a hidden gold claim. Your gang of bandits

will have to outrun the sheriff to find his gold!

Theme: A dark 1896 Gold Rush era wood cabin;

this game is played by lantern and candlelight (adjustments to light can be made upon request).

Up to 10 players

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