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#1: Choose your mission

#2: Book your adventure

#3: Conquer your goal!

Each adventure is $35 per player (plus tax).

Each player has one hour to complete a mission.


Each team is allowed three clues.

No cell phones, coats, purses, or backpacks are allowed in the game rooms.


No lights or recording devices are allowed in the game rooms.


No refunds for no-shows or cancellations.


If you break it, you bought it. Price for damaged goods is based on replacement costs. Note: some items are very rare antiques.


Don't be a spoiler, it ruins the fun for everyone. You know what we mean.


Be kind to other players. We don't support mean behavior or advocate it. If you're mean, you can leave.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


Most importantly, have fun, be nice, and try your best!

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150 2nd Street
Juneau, AK. 99801
(907) 500 - 5071
(call or text)
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