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Q: What's a cool gift to give for birthdays or holidays?

A: The gift of experience :)

Q: What are escape games?

A: Fun, interactive gaming experiences that promote team-building and the positive benefits of 'play'.


Q: What's the most important element of play?

A: Having fun!

Q: What's another benefit of giving the gift of experience instead of giving a gift?

A: It's great for the environment! There's little to no waste!

Our gaming experiences are great for birthdays, date nights, even engagements (as we recently experienced!). You can even share them with co-workers or use them as team building exercises :) Want to learn more? We can tell you all about them, call or text (907) 500-5071 or click on the link below to purchase gift certificates:

If you have purchased a gift certificate and are ready to book your adventure, click on the link below (if you have questions, again, don't hesitate to call or text :) )

150 2nd Street
Juneau, AK. 99801
(907) 500 - 5071
(call or text)

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